Long Island Mammoth Dill

Long Island Mammoth Dill is considered a versatile, traditional herb with seeds and leaves prized for pungent aroma often used in pickling and kraut-making. This close relative to the carrot and Queen’s Anne Lace also has been thought to have medicinal uses including soothing and alertness properties. This particular variety will grow to a towering 3-feet in height adding a splash of white and yellow flowers to the landscape.

Source: http://www.seedlibrary.org/dill-mammoth-long-island.html

Plant description
A tall, stemmy plant with an umbrella of delicate flowers at the top
Seasonal preference: Spring, Fall
Hardiness: Semi-Hardy
Germination duration: 12-18 days
Germination conditions: Light
Days to maturity: 70 days
Companion plants: Cabbage, Carrots
Incompatible plants: Unknown
Seed description: Tiny, brown, almond shaped
First leaves description: Smooth, slender
True leaves description: Slender, lacey
Thinning time: Once seedlings reach 2 to 3-in tall
Final spacing: 8-in
Plant height: 36-in
Plant spread: 10 to 12-in
Root depth: 20+ inches
Light preference: Full sun with protection from wind
Moisture preference: Well drained
Soil preference: Prefers direct sowing to transplanting
Produce size: Leaves, seeds, stems
Produce yield: Multiple
Flavor: Pungent, sharp
Harvest while flower heads are still abundant and green. Cut entire plant and dry, contained upside down in a paper sack.
Fresh (Raw), Dried
Refrigerate the cut dill with its stems in a glass of water until ready to use.