Side Yard, East Bed Planting Plan


The first area we have nearly ready to plant in is located along the house in the side yard where a majority of our gardening projects are taking place. In particular, we’ve noticed ample sun with partial shade provided during the hottest time of the day. This space measures 5 by 8-feet and will serve as a companion garden yielding a variety of 10 different edibles.

Creating a diagram is a handy way to plot what you will plant where. As a visual reference, it allows you to design to scale, review for potential height conflicts, and experiment with planting compatible varieties in a shared space. I based my diagram on a grid using 1-inch to represent 1-foot.

My above plan for our side yard, east bed is where I hope to grow Evening Sun Sunflower, Long Island Mammoth Dill, Elephant Garlic, Yellow Onions, Nantes Carrots, Ever-bearing Strawberries, Detroit Dark Beets, French Breakfast Radish, Black-Seeded Simpson Lettuce and French Dwarf Double Mix Marigolds. Marigolds are considered a gardener’s first line of defense against unwelcome visitors such as deer or rabbits. In addition, they help to deter tomato worms, asparagus beetles, and nematodes while discouraging many pesky insects.

One plan down … 6+ to go!